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AI Technologies

Moving beyond the realm of science-fiction and movies, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is today a reality that we live with and use everyday. From digital assistants on smartphones to product recommendations on shopping platforms, AI is helping to make our lives simpler and more productive.

Founded as an academic discipline in 1956, AI encompasses a range of technologies that let machines perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. These include search and mathematical optimization, neural networks as well as other statistical and probabilistic methods.

While AI today is still far from sentient general intelligence (think robots that can function like human beings), its technologies already allow machines to have a certain measure of intelligence that can be very helpful to people. These include the abilities to visually perceive objects and recognize speech, learn hidden patterns in data and make predictions as well as self-correct based on feedback

How They Help

AI capabilities such as in the areas of vision, language and predictive analytics are able to make some business functions and systems much faster and more consistent. Time-consuming manual processes, errors in transcription as well as subjective assessments can all be reduced with AI help.

AI enables teams to focus on the aspects of work that are less repetitive and more interesting, enhancing business performance as well as team morale

What We Do

At AI Hub, we believe that businesses and people stand to reap great benefit by tapping AI to help them. We bring together AI technologies that solve a range of business challenges, including in marketing and operations

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