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– “AI could boost revenues by 38 percent and lift employment by 10 percent within the next five years”

– “by 2035, AI could add US$7.4 trillion in gross value to the U.S. economy”

- Accenture

– “Al has the potential to deliver additional global economic activity of around $13 trillion by 2030, or about 16 percent higher cumulative GDP compared with today”

– “This amounts to 1.2 percent additional GDP growth per year”

- McKinsey & Co.

– “AI will specifically enhance GDP by 26.1% (China) and 14.5% (North America) in 2030, equivalent to a total of $10.7 trillion and accounting for almost 70% of the global impact”


AI For Innovation

Bringing the best in AI for enterprise and startup innovation

AI Technologies

Moving beyond the realm of science-fiction and movies, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is today a reality that we live with and use everyday. Read More

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AI capabilities such as in the areas of vision, language and predictive analytics are able to make some business functions and systems much faster and more consistent…Read More

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At AI Hub, we believe that businesses and people stand to reap great benefit by tapping AI to help them…Read More

AI To Help

AI today can already help us work faster, smarter, happier

AI today, while still far from sentient general intelligence, can already help in many business functions across industries such as education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and more.


Help With Marketing

AI helps with Marketing, in areas like product strategy and supply chain planning.


Help With Operations

AI helps with Operations, in areas like cost management and claims processing. 


Help With Sales

AI helps with Sales, in areas like new business assessment and product recommendation.

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